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Students new to the Iyengar method must take 8 beginner classes or get Instructor’s permission before attending other classes. We sometimes recommend that an individual take one or more private sessions; speak with your teacher about this or email us.

Class Levels

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Fundamentals including basic standing, seated, twisting and supported inverted poses.

Level One

All the above, plus shoulderstand with support, headstand and handstand preparation.

Level Two

All the above, plus regular practice of inversions, backbends from the floor and beginning armbalances.


Level Three

All the above, plus beginning inversion and backbend variations and arm balance variations.

Level Four

All of the above plus drop overs from head and handstand, dropbacks from kneeling and Tadasana. (Minimum two years’ experience in Iyengar Yoga required.)


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Classes can be booked and paid for via Mind/Body (click on "sign up" at the bottom of the page) to view our live schedule and pricing options! Download the app and find us under Austin Iyengar Yoga. Looking forward to meeting you on the mat.

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